24 May, 2023

Phage manufacturing

phage manufacturing

The first EU GMP standard phage factory was opened in Georgia

BioChimPharm (BCP) is a Georgian-based, biopharmaceutical Company engaged in R&D, production and marketing of sustainable alternative to antibiotics. To develop innovative products, company uses bacteriophages (phages), which are the natural enemies of bacteria.

BioChimPharm possesses unique technological knowhow and over 80 years of accumulated experience in R&D and the production of antibiotic alternatives. BCP is an ISO 9001-2015 certified, multi-award-winning Company with more than 60 people, 15 registered products and two international patents.

The Company exports its products to regional and international markets and is a regulatory authorized pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company’s production site and R&D laboratories are located in Tbilisi, Georgia in the historic bacteriophage production facility built in 1934.

In last 15 month, BioChimPharm invested over EUR 5 million in modernization and European Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) compliance of its existing historical manufacturing facility of bacteriophages. The project was implemented with the support of the European Union, EBRD, World Bank, Enterprise Georgia and GITA.

” Since 2018, BioChimPharm has been actively working on the introduction of the EU GMP (European / International Pharmaceutical Production Standard) standard in the enterprise to expand its production. In particular, we want to develop new pharmaceutical forms of bacteriophage, as well as create new therapies for the treatment and prevention of various infections caused by resistant bacteria.

Up until now, the production of phage preparations and phage therapy, still is not common and widespread across the world, so we are trying to create something new, valuable on a global scale.

In general, our goal is to put the company and Georgia on the world biotechnology map and eliminate antibiotic resistance as one of the greatest threats to humanity”. General Director Rati Golijashvili