Terms of use of preparations

Is there any difference between the composition of the spray and the vial?

There is no difference between the composition of the spray and the vial. The only difference is the form of product delivery. The production of sprays is more expensive, hence the difference in price

What's is the difference between the 5ml product (ampules) and the 20ml phagyo (vials)?

We do not produce preparations in the form of 5ml ampules. Phagyo is simply the name of our preparation, which comes in the form of a vial and a spray. Phagyo contains no more than 10 million phages. This is testament to our products’ quality and efficacy.

Is it safe to use the preparations during pregnancy/lactation?

The use of our preparations during pregnancy and lactation is safe.

Why does the preparation have a specific smell and taste?

Our preparation is 100% natural and does not contain any chemical additives or dyes. This is why it has a specific taste and smell.

From what age is one permitted to take the Biochimpharm preparations?

Our preparations do not have a minimum age restriction. That said, sometimes doctors will avoid prescribing the preparations in the spray form for children under the age of 1 year.

For how long is one permitted to use the Biochimpharm preparations for?

No data regarding bacteriophage preparation overdose currently exists.

What's the dosage?

The dosage of the preparation is determined by the type of disease, its complexity and the age of a patient. Therefore, dosages are unique to the individual. Information is available in the product description or you can contact your doctor.

Do the preparations need a prescription?

Our preparations are non-prescription.

What are the side effects?

Our preparations do not cause any side effects.

Are Biochimpharm preparations contraindicated with anything?

Our product does not have any significant contradictions. The only contraindication might be patients’ hypersensitivity to any of the ingredient of the vial packaging. No special precaution measures while taking the medicine are advised.

Why is it not permitted to use the preparations if they become cloudy?

The preparations react with the air, causing them to become spoiled. The cloudy appearance signifies the product's spoilage. Therefore, it is strongly advised not the use the product in this form.