10 August, 2022

What is stomatitis? Symptoms and Phage therapy

What is stomatitis? Symptoms and Phage therapy

What is stomatitis?

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mouth that may cause discomfort when you are eating, talking or sleeping. Stomatitis can develop anywhere in the mouth: on the cheeks, gums, tongue or lip. Stomatitis may cause single or multiple white damage and painful sores in the mouth. Mouth sores generally don’t last longer than two weeks.

What causes stomatitis?

There are two main types of stomatitis: herpes stomatitis (sores) and aphthous stomatitis. Herpetic stomatitis is caused by the simple herpes virus, while aphthous stomatitis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene or mucosal trauma.

The causes of stomatitis include:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Systemic diseases (g. intestinal inflammation)
  • Nutritional deficiency (g. a lack of vitamin B12)
  • Physical damage to the oral system
  • Oral irritation caused by chemical additives (g. in oral care products)
  • Allergic reactions
  • Tobacco
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy

Symptoms of stomatitis

The symptoms of stomatitis include red spots, blisters or swelling in the mouth. A burning feeling and an increase in ulcers may accompany these symptoms. The sores typically have a white or yellow coating and develop on the tongue, lips, cheeks, or gums. Other signs of stomatitis include gum swelling and excruciating pain.

Phagyo – treatment of stomatitis with phages

Since bacteria are the main cause of stomatitis, one way of treating it is with phages, which are bacteria’s natural “enemies”. Phage therapy is used to treat and prevent chronic and acute bacterial infections with bacteriophages (or simply phages).

Phagyo® is one of the most popular pharmaceutical phage products in Georgia and in the world of phage therapy. It is produced by JSC BioChimPharm (Phage Factory), a world leader in R&D and the manufacture of phage preparations with nearly 100 years of technological tradition and know-how.

Phagyo tackles stomatitis by only targeting the harmful bacteria that cause the disease, eliminating it completely.

Phagyo® is used to treat bacterial stomatitis. Brush your mouth 3 times a day.


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